Welsh Newton Common

This home is situated in a small historical village in Herefordshire, close to the Welsh border towards Monmouthshire, which is home to a castle and at least thirty one archaeological sites in the parish alone.  

Carefully Considered within its Context.

The layout of the dwelling was carefully considered so as to respond positively to its context, the setting of the neighbouring house and mature hedgerows and trees. We placed it in the middle of the site, being well concealed behind existing vegetation, which act as a natural screen and orientated south to maximise solar gains. The scale of the dwelling is informed by the character of its context, to reduce the impact on the surrounding landscape. 

Inspiration from its Context.

The design approach took inspiration from its context, using simple forms and a simple and material palette including natural timber cladding, dark grey metal roof and an off-white render. 

Encourage Biodiversity.

The plots bordering vegetation provided an enclosed private space, with the hedgerows being repaired as and where necessary to encourage biodiversity in the area. 

Co-creating with our clients.

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