Proposed replacement dwelling; to replace a single story, post war typology bungalow.

This new development will meet a range of needs; responding to a genuine need for sustainable and high quality housing as stipulated in the Herefordshire and applicable Local Development Plans, while fitting in sympathetically with existing properties and following the existing linear pattern of the main settlement is encouraged under the local development plan.

The surrounding landscape is a mixture of single and two storey dwellings. The local buildings are generally of an agricultural form and use of materials, with no overriding architectural style present.  The landscape is relatively typical and characteristic of rural north Herefordshire. 

The south-east facing aspect of the site presents opportunities for passive solar gain and renewable energy generation in the form of solar power. The client is also looking to install rainwater harvesting tank, and Ground Source Heat Pump. 

The replacement 2 bedroom residential dwelling is arranged to compliment the site’s topography with a low pitched roof and single story design; a standing seam roof and masonry, all of which are considered to reflect the local vernacular without resorting to pastiche or imitation. 

Increase in biodiversity aspects of the site contributing towards biodiversity net gain.  Inclusion of triple glazed windows and doors resulting in greater heat retention, renewable energies, solar panels, rainwater harvesting tank, ground source heat pump, MVHR/S system to reduce the heating and cooling demands of the building, a veranda / solar shading to the South to reduce excessive heat/solar gain, bee onsite, highly insulated and near passivhaus standards are preferable.